ALL Biblical names that start with the letter A (and their meaning)

For a complete list of all the biblical names beginning with the letter “A”, scroll down.

The following is a complete analysis of the biblical names beginning with the letter “A”.

In the Bible, there are 333 names starting with letter “A”. Out of these, there are 209 male names, 20 female names, and 95 place names (cities, towns, mountains, etc.).

What are the longest biblical names that start with the letter A?

Name# of CharactersCategorymeaning
Abelbethmaachah15Mourning to the house of Maachah, Meadow of the house of Maachah
Almondiblathaim15Hidden in a cluster of fig trees
Apharsathchites15Apharsites (from a root meaning) dividing or rending
Allonbachuth12The oak of weeping
Atarothaddar12Crowns of power
Aznothtabor11The ears of Tabor; the ears of purity or contrition

What are the shortest biblical names that start with the letter A?

Name# of CharactersCategory Meaning
Ai2heap of ruins
Ar2a city
Abi3my father
Ahi3my brother
Ain3an hour; eye; fountain
Ami3mother; fear; people
Ard3one that commands; he that descends
Asa3physician; cure

What are the most popular biblical names that start with the letter A?

AaronA teacher; lofty; mountain of strength
AbelVanity; breath; vapor
AbigailThe father’s joy
AbrahamFather of a great multitude 
AdamEarthy; red
AndrewA strong man
AnnaGracious; one who gives

Before choosing a name starting with the letter A, make sure you know its meaning!

AchaiaGrief; trouble
AchborA rat; bruising
AchmethaBrother of death
AchshaphPoison; tricks
AchzibLiar; lying; one that runs
AgrippaOne who causes great pain at his birth
AmoriteBitter; a rebel; a babbler
ApolloniaPerdition destruction
ApollosOne who destroys; destroyer
ApollyonA destroyer
AbishagIgnorance of the father. Father of error
AsnapperUnhappiness; increase of danger
AvimWicked or perverse men
AvithWicked perverse

Our personal favorite names based on their meanings

AbiahThe Lord is my father
AbielGod my father
AbigailThe father’s joy
AlammelechGod is king

Special note:

Total names that start with the letters Abi  are 30, Abi means my father

Total names that start with the letters Ahi are 23, Ahi means brother

And now…

The complete list of all the biblical names beginning with the letter “A”

Aa, Ab
Name Meaning
Aaron A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength
Abaddon The destroyer Abagtha, father of the wine-press, Destruction, riun
Abana Made of stone; a building  
Abarim Passages; passengers, Regions beyond
Abba  Father
Title used of God in prayer
Abda A servant; servitude, Servant of God
Abdeel A vapor; a cloud of God, servant of God
Abdi My servant, servant of Jehovah
Abdiel Servant of God
Abdon Servant; cloud of judgment, servile
Abednego Servant of light; Shining, servant of Nebo, worshipper of mercury
Abel Vanity; breath; vapor
Abel A city; mourning, Grassy place
Abel-beth-maachah Mourning to the house of Maachah, Meadow of the house of Maachah
Abelmaim Mourning of waters, Meadow of waters
Abelmeholah Mourning of sickness, Meadow of dancing
Abelmizraim The mourning of Egyptians, Meadow of Egypt
Abelshittim Mourning of thorns, Meadow of the acacias
Abez  An egg; muddy, I will make white (or miry), gleam
Abi  My father
Abiah  The Lord is my father
Abi-albon Most intelligent father, God is my father
Abiasaph Consuming father; gathering, my father has gathered
Abiathar Excellent father; father of the remnant, my father is great, father of abundance
Abib Green fruit; ears of corn
a month
Abidah Father of knowledge
Abidan Father of judgment
Abiel God my father
Abiezer Father of help
Abigail The father’s joy
Abihail The father of strength, father of might
Abihu He is my father
Abihud Father of praise; confession
Abijah The Lord is my father
Abijam Father of the sea
Abilene The father of mourning, Grassy meadow
Abimael A father sent from God, My father is God
Abimelech Father of the king
Abinadab Father of a vow or of willingness, Father of generosity
Abinoam Father of beauty, Father of pleasantness
Abiram High father; father of deceit, Father of Height
Abishag Ignorance of the father. Father of error
Abishai The present of my father, My father is a gift
Abishalom Father of peace
Abishua Father of salvation, Father of plenty
Abishur Father of the wall; father of uprightness
Abital The father of the dew; or of the shadow
Abitub Father of goodness
Abiud Father of praise, My father is majesty
Abner Father of light
Abram High father, high father
Abraham Father of a great multitude bsalom, father of peace, Father of multitude