ALL Biblical names that start with the letter A (and their meaning)

Name Meaning
Adadah Testimony of the assembly  

Adah An assembly
Adaiah The witness of the Lord
Adam Earthy; red
Adamah Red earth; of blood
Adami My man; red; earthy; human  

Adar High; eminent  

The twelfth month
Adbeel Vapor or cloud of God
Addi my witness; adorned; prey
Addon Basis; foundation; the Lord

Adiel The witness of the Lord
Adin Adina adorned; voluptuous; dainty
Adithaim Assemblies; testimonies
Adlai My witness; my ornament
Admah Earthy; red; bloody  

Admatha A cloud of death; a mortal vapor
Adna Pleasure; delight
Adnah Eternal rest
Adoni-bezek The lightning of the Lord; the Lord of lightning
Adonijah The Lord is my master
Adonikam The Lord is raised
Adoniram My Lord is most high; Lord of might and elevation

Adoni–zedek Justice of the Lord; lord of justice

Adoraim Strength of the sea
Adoram Their beauty; their power
Adrammelech The cloak. Glory, grandeur or power of the king
Adramyttium The court of death
Adriel The flock of God
Adullam Their testimony; their prey; their ornament
Adummim Earthy; red; bloody things

Ae, Ag
Name Meaning
Aeneas Praised; praiseworthy
Aenon A cloud; fountain; his eye  

Agabus A locust; the father’s joy or feast
Agag Roof; upper floor
Agar (or Hagar) A stranger; one that fears
Agee A valley; deepness
Agrippa One who causes great pain at his birth
Agur Stranger; gathered together