ALL Biblical names that start with the letter A (and their meaning)

Ai, Aj, Ak, Al
Name Meaning
Ai (or Hai) Mass; heap

Aiah Vulture raven; an isle; alas, where is it?

Aiath Same as Ai; an hour; eye; fountain

Aijeleth-Shahar The land of the morning

Ain Same as Aiath

Ajalon A chain; strength; a stag

Akkub Foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; lewdness

Akrabbim Scorpions

Alammelech God is king

Alemeth Hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead

Alexander One who assists men

Alian High Alleluia praise the Lord

Allon An oak; strong

Allon-bachuth The oak of weeping
Almodad Measure of God

Almon Hidden

Almondiblathaim Hidden in a cluster of fig trees

Alush Mingling together

Alvah His rising up; his highness