ALL Biblical names that start with the letter A (and their meaning)

As, At,
Name Meaning
Asa Physician; cure
Asahel Creature of God

Asaiah The Lord hath wrought

Asaph Who gathers together

Asareel The beatitude of God

Asenath Peril; misfortune

Ashan Smoke

Ashbel An old fire

Ashdod Effusion; inclination; theft  

Asher Happiness
/ A Tribe /
Ashima Crime; offense

Ashkenaz A fire that spreads

Ashnah Change

Ashriel Same as Asareel

Ashtaroth Ashtoreth flocks; sheep; riches
Ashur Who is happy; or walks; or looks

Asia Muddy; boggy

Asiel The work of God

Askelon Weight; balance; fire of infamy

Asnapper Unhappiness; increase of danger  

Asriel Help of God
Assir  Prisoner; fettered

Asshurim Liers in want; beholders
a tribe

Assos Approaching; coming near

Assur Same as Ashur
Assyria Country of Assur or Ashur

Asyncritus Incomparable

Atarah A crown

Ataroth Crowns

Ataroth-addar Crowns of power

Ater Left hand; shut

Athach Thy time

Athaiah The Lord’s time

Athaliah The time of the Lord
Athlai My hour or time  

Attai Same as Athlai  

Attalia That increases or sends