ALL Biblical names that start with the letter A (and their meaning)

Name Meaning
Ahab Uncle or father’s brother
Aharah A smiling brother; a meadow of a sweet savor
Aharhel Another host; the last sorrow; a brother’s sheep  
Ahasbai Rusting in me; a grown-up brother  
Ahasuerus Prince; head; chief
Ahava Essence; being; generation
Ahaz One that takes or possesses
Ahaziah Seizure; vision of the Lord  
Ahi My brother; my brethren  
Ahiah Brother of the Lord  
Ahiam Mother’s brother; brother of a nation  
Ahian Brother of wine
Ahiezer Brother of assistance  
Ahihud Brother of vanity or of darkness or of joy, or of praise; witty brother  
Ahijah Same with Ahiah
Ahikam A brother who raises up or avenges  
Ahilud A brother born or begotten
Ahimaaz A brother of the council  
Ahiman Brother of the right hand  
Ahimelech My brother is a king; my king’s brother  
Ahimoth Brother of death  
Ahinadab A willing brother; brother of a vow  
Ahinoam Beauty of the brother; brother of motion  
Ahio His brother; his brethren  
Ahira Brother of iniquity; brother of the shepherd
Ahiram Brother of craft or of protection
Ahisamach Brother of strength
Ahishar Brother of a prince; brother of a song
Ahithophel Brother of ruin or folly
Ahitub Brother of goodness
Ahlab Made of milk or of fat; brother of the heart
Ahlai Beseeching; sorrowing; expecting
Ahoah A live brother; my thorn or thistle
Aholah His tabernacle; his tent
Aholiab The tent of the father
Aholibah My tent or my tabernacle
Aholibamah My tabernacle is exalted
Ahumai A meadow of waters; a brother of waters
Ahuzam Their taking or possessing vision