ALL Biblical names that start with the letter A (and their meaning)

Name Meaning
Amad People of witness; a prey
Amal Labor; iniquity
Amalek A people that licks up  
Amana Integrity; truth; a nurse
Amariah The Lord says; the integrity of the Lord
Amasa Sparing the people
Amasai Strong
Amashai The people’s gift
Ami Mother; fear; people
Amaziah The strength of the Lord
Aminadab Same as Amminadab
Amittai True; fearing
Ammah My or his people
Ammi Same as Ammah
Ammiel The people of God  
Ammihud People of praise
Ammi-nadab My people is liberal
Ammishaddai The people of the Almighty; the Almighty is with me
Ammizabad Dowry of the people
Ammon A people; the son of my people
Amnon Faithful and true; tutor
Amok A valley; a depth
Amon Faithful; true
Amorite Bitter; a rebel; a babbler
Amos Loading; weighty  
Amoz Strong; robust
Amplias Large; extensive
Amram An exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of corn
Amraphel One that speaks of secrets
Amzi Strong, mighty