ALL Biblical names that start with the letter D (and their meaning)

Names that start with the letter: D    
Name Meaning Category
Dabareh the word; the thing; a bee; obedient
Dabbasheth flowing with honey
Daberath same as Dabareh
Dagon corn; a fish
Dalaiah the poor of the Lord
Dalmanutha a bucket; a branch
Dalmatia deceitful lamps; vain brightness
Dalphon the house of caves
Damaris a little woman
Damascus a sack full of blood; the similitude of burning
Dan judgment; he that judges
Daniel judgment of God; God my judge
Dannah judging
Darda home of knowledge
Darius he that informs himself
Darkon of generation; of possession
Dathan laws or rites
David well-beloved, dear
Debir an orator; a word
/ /
Deborah word; thing; a bee
Decapolis containing ten cities
Dedan their breasts; friendship; a judge
Dekar force
Delaiah the poor of the Lord
Delilah poor; small; head of hair
Demas popular
Demetrius belonging to corn, or to Ceres
Derbe a sting
Deuel the knowledge of God
Diana luminous, perfect
Diblaim cluster of figs
Diblath paste of dry figs
Dibon abundance of knowledge
Dibongad great understanding; abundance of sons
Dibri an orator
Dizahab where much gold is
Didymus a twin; double
Diklah his diminishing
Dilean that is poor
Dimon where it is red
Dimonah dunghill
Dinah judgment; who judges
Dinhabah he gives judgment
Dionysius divinely touched
Diotrephes nourished by Jupiter
Dishan a threshing
Dishon fatness; ashes
Dodai, Dodanim beloved
Dodavah love
Dodo his uncle
Doeg careful, who acts with uneasiness
Dophkah a knocking
Dor generation, habitation
Dorcas a female roe-deer
Dothan the law; custom
Drusilla watered by the dew
Dura same as Dor