ALL Biblical names that start with the letter E (and their meaning)

Names that start with the letters: Ea to El
Name Meaning Category
Ebal ancient heaps
Ebed a servant; laborer
Ebedmelech the king’s servant
Ebenezer the stone of help
Eber one that passes; anger
Ebiasaph a father that gathers or adds
Ebronah passage over; being angry
Eden pleasure; delight
Eder a flock
Edom red, earthy; of blood
Edrei a very great mass, or cloud
Eglah heifer; chariot; round
Eglaim drops of the sea
Eglon same as Eglah
/ /
Egypt that troubles or oppresses; anguish
Ehud he that praises
Eker barren, feeble
Ekron barrenness; torn away
Eladah the eternity of God
Elah an oak; a curse; perjury
Elam a young man; a virgin; a secret
Elasah the doings of God
Elath a hind; strength; an oak
Elbethel the God of Bethel
Eldaah knowledge of God
Eldad favored of God; love of God
Elead witness of God
Elealeh burnt-offering of God
Eleazar help of God, court of God
EleloheIsrael God, the God of Israel
Eleph learning
Elhanan grace, or gift, or mercy of God
Eli the offering or lifting up
Eliab God is my father; God is the father
Eliada knowledge of God
Eliah God the Lord
Eliahba my God the Father
Eliakim resurrection of God
Eliam the people of God
Elias God the Lord, the strong Lord
Eliasaph the Lord increaseth
Eliashib the God of conversion
Eliathah thou art my God
Elidad beloved of God
Eliel God, my God
Elienai the God of my eyes
Eliezer help, or court, of my God
Elihoreph god of winter, or of youth
Elihu he is my God himself
Elijah God the Lord, the strong Lord
Elika pelican of God
Elim the rams; the strong; stags
Elimelech my God is king
Elioenai toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains
Eliphal a miracle of God
Eliphalet the God of deliverance
Eliphaz the endeavor of God
Elisabeth, Elizabeth the oath, or fullness, of God
Elisha salvation of God
Elishah it is God; the lamb of God: God that gives help
Elishama God hearing
Elishaphat my God judgeth
Elisheba same as Elisabeth
Elishua God is my salvation
Eliud God is my praise
Elizur God is my strength; my rock; rock of God
Elkanah God the zealous; the zeal of God
Elkeshai hardiness or rigor of God
Ellasar revolting from God
Elmodam the God of measure, or of the garment
Elnaam God’s fairness
Elnathan God hath given; the gift of God
Elon oak; grove; strong
Elonbethhanan the house of grace or mercy
Elpaal God’s work
Elpalet same as Eliphalet
Eltekeh of grace or mercy
Eltolad the generation of God
Elul cry or outcry
sixth month
Eluzai God is my strength
Elymas a magician, a corrupter
Elzabad the dowry of God
Elzaphan God of the northeast wind