ALL Biblical names that start with the letter S (and their meaning)

Names that start
with the letters:
Name Meaning
Sabeans captivity; conversion; old age
Sabtah a going about or circuiting; old age
Sacar wares; a price
Sadducees followers of Sadoc, or Zadok
religious party
Sadoc, or Zadok just; righteous
Salah mission; sending
Salamis shaken; test; beaten
Salathiel asked or lent of God
Salcah thy basket; thy lifting up
Salem complete or perfect peace
Salim foxes; fists; path
Sallai, Sallu an exaltation; a basket
Salma peace; perfection
Salmon peaceable; perfect; he that rewards
Salome same as Salmon
Samaria watch-mountain
Samlah his raiment; his left hand; his astonishment
Samos full of gravel
Samothracia an island possessed by the Samians and Thracians
Samson his sun; his service; there the second time
Samuel heard of God; asked of God
Sanballat bramble-bush; enemy in secret
Sansannah bough or bramble of the enemy
Saph rushes; sea-moss
Saphir delightful
Sapphira that relates or tells
Sarah lady; princess; princess of the multitude
Sarai my lady; my princess
Sardis prince of joy
Sarepta a goldsmith’s shop
Sargon who takes away protection
Sarid remaining; hand of a prince
Saron same as Sharon
Sarsechim master of the wardrobe
Saruch branch; layer; lining
Satan contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser
Saul demanded; lent; ditch; death
Sceva disposed; prepared
Seba a drunkard; that turns
Sebat twig; scepter; tribe
11th month
Secacah shadow; covering; defense
Sechu defense; bough
Secundus second
Segub fortified; raised
Seir, Seirath hairy; goat; demon; tempest
Sela a rock
Sela-hammah-lekoth rock of divisions
Seled affliction; warning
Seleucia shaken or beaten by the waves
Sem same as Shem
Semachiah joined to the Lord
Semei hearing; obeying
Senaah bramble; enemy
Seneh same as Senaah
Senir bed-candle; changing
Sennacherib bramble of destruction
Seorim gates; hairs; tempests
Sephar book; scribe; number
Sepharad a book descending
Sepharvaim the two books; the two scribes
Serah lady of scent; song; the morning star
Seraiah prince of the Lord
Seraphim burning; fiery
Sered dyer’s vat
Sergius net
Seth put; who puts; fixed
Sethur hid; destroying