ALL Biblical names that start with the letter N (and their meaning)

Name Meaning Category
Naam fair; pleasant
beautiful; agreeable
young person
Nabal fool; senseless
Naboth words; prophecies
Nachon ready; sure
Nachor same as Nahor
Nadab free and voluntary gift; prince
Nagge clearness; brightness; light
Nahaliel inheritance; valley of God
Nahallal praised; bright
comforter; leader
Naharai my nostrils; hot; anger
Nahash snake; serpent
Nahath rest; a leader
Nahbi very secret
Nahor hoarse; dry; hot
Nahshon same as Naashon
Nahum comforter; penitent
Nain beauty; pleasantness
Naioth beauties; habitations
Naomi beautiful; agreeable
Naphish the soul; he that rests, refreshes himself, or respires
Naphtali that struggles or fights
Narcissus astonishment; stupidity
Nathan given; giving; rewarded
Nathanael the gift of God
Nathanmelech the gift of the king, or of counsel
Naum same as Nahum
Nazareth separated; crowned; sanctified
Nazarite one chosen or set apart
Neah moved; moving
Neapolis the new city
Neariah child of the Lord
Nebai budding; speaking; prophesying
Neballat prophecy; budding
Nebat that beholds
Nebo that speaks or prophesies
tears and groans of judgment
fruits or prophecies of judgment
Necho lame; beaten
Nedabiah prince or vow of the Lord
Neginoth stringed instruments
Nehemiah consolation; repentance of the Lord
Nehum comforter; penitent
Nehushta made of brass
Neiel commotion, or moving, of God
Nemuel the sleeping of God
Nepheg weak; slacked
Nephish same as Naphish
Nephthalim same as Naphtali
Ner a lamp; new-tilled land
Nereus same as Ner
Nergal the great man; the hero
treasurer of Nergal
Neri my light
Neriah light; lamp of the Lord
Nethaneel same as Nathanael
Nethaniah the gift of the Lord
Nethinims given or offered
Neziah conqueror; strong
Nezib standing-place
Nibhaz budding; prophesying
Nibshan prophecy; growing of a tooth
Nicanor a conqueror; victorious
Nicodemus victory of the people
Nicolas same as Nicodemus
Nicopolis the city of victory
Niger black
leopard; bitterness; rebellion
Nimrod rebellion (but probably an unknown Assyrian word)
Nimshi rescued from danger
Nineveh handsome; agreeable
Nisan standard; miracle
1st month
Nisroch flight; proof; temptation; delicate
an idol
Noadiah witness, or ornament, of the Lord
Noah repose; consolation
Noah that quavers or totters (Zelophehad’s daughter)
Nob discourse; prophecy
Nobah that barks or yelps
Nod vagabond; fugitive
Nodab vowing of his own accord
Noe same as Noah
Nogah brightness; clearness
Non posterity; a fish; eternal
Noph honeycomb; anything that distills or drops
Nophah fearful; binding
Nun same as Non
Nymphas spouse; bridegroom