ALL Biblical names that start with the letter I (and their meaning)

Name Meaning
Ibhar election; he that is chosen
Ibleamancient people; people decreasing
Ibneiahthe building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoption
Ibripassing over; being angry; being with young
Ibzanfather of a target; father of coldness
Ichabodwhere is the glory? or, no glory
Idalahthe hand of slander, or of cursing
Idbashflowing with honey; the land of destruction
Iddohis band; power; praise
Idumeared; earthy; bloody
Igalredeemed; defiled
Igeala redeemer; redeemed; defiled
Igdaliahthe greatness of the Lord
Iimheaps of Hebrews, or of angry men
Ije-abarimheaps of Hebrews, or of passers over
Ijonlook; eye; fountain
Ikkeshforward; wicked
Illyricumjoy; rejoicing
Imlahplentitude; circumcision
ImmanuelGod with us
Immersaying; speaking; a lamb
Imnahsame as Jimnah
Imraha rebel; waxing bitter; changing
Imrispeaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb
Indiapraise; law
Iphedeiahredemption of the Lord
Irwatchman; city; vision
Irawatchman; making bare; pouring out
Iradwild ass; heap of empire; dragon
Iramthe effusion of them; a high heap
Irifire; light
Irijahthe fear of the Lord
Irpeelthe health, medicine, or exulting of God
Irshemesha city of bondage
Isaac laughter
Isaiah the salvation of the Lord
Iscahhe that anoints
Iscariota man of murder; a hireling
Ishbakwho is empty or exhausted
Ishbi-benobrespiration; conversion; taking captive
Ishboshetha man of shame
Ishiahit is the Lord
Ishmanamed; marveling; desolation
Ishmael God that hears
Ishmaiahhearing or obeying the Lord
Ishmeraikeeper, or keeping
Ishoda comely man
Ish-panhid; broken in two
Ish-tobgood man
Ispaha jasper stone
Israelwho prevails with God
Issacharreward; recompense
Isuisame as Ishuah
Ithaistrong; my sign; a plowshare
Italyabounding with calves or heifers
Ithamarisland of the palm-tree
Ithielsign, or coming of God
Ithmahan orphan
Ithranremaining; searching out diligently
Ithreamexcellence of the people
Ittah-kazinhour, or time, of a prince
Izehar, Izharclearness; oil
Izrahiahthe Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord
Izrifasting; tribulation