ALL Biblical names that start with the letter H (and their meaning)

Name Meaning
Haahashtari a runner

Habakkuk he that embraces; a wrestler
Habazinaiah a hiding of the shield of the Lord
Habor a partaker; a companion
Hachaliah who waits for the Lord
Hachilah my hope is in her
Hachmoni a wise man
Hadad joy; noise; clamor
Hadadezer beauty of assistance
Hadadrimmon invocation to the god Rimmon
Hadar power; greatness
Hadarezer same as Hadadezer
Hadashah news; a month a month
Hadassah a myrtle; joy
Hadid rejoicing; sharp
Hadlai loitering; hindering
Hadoram their beauty; their power
Hadrach point; joy of tenderness
Hagab Hagabah, a grasshopper
Hagar a stranger; one that fears
Haggai feast; solemnity
Haggeri a stranger
Haggiah the Lord’s feast
Haggith rejoicing
Hakkatan little
Hakkoz a thorn; summer; an end
Hakupha a commandment of the mouth
Halah a moist table
Halak part
Halhul grief; looking for grief
Hali sickness; a beginning; a precious stone
Ham hot; heat; brown
Haman noise; tumult
Hamath anger; heat; a wall
Hamath-zobah the heat, or the wall, of an army
Hammedatha he that troubles the law
Hammelech a king; a counselor
Hammon heat; the sun
Hamonah his multitude; his uproar
Hamon-gog the multitude of Gog
Hamor an ass; clay; dirt
Hamul godly; merciful
Hamutal the shadow of his heat
Hanameel the grace that comes from God; gift of God
Hanan full of grace
Hananeel grace, or gift, of God
Hanani my grace; my mercy
Hananiah grace; mercy; gift of the Lord
Hanes banishment of grace
Haniel the gift of God
Hannah gracious; merciful; he that gives
Hannathon the gift of grace
Hanniel grace or mercy of God
Hanoch dedicated
Hanun gracious; merciful
Hapharaim searching; digging
Hara a hill; showing forth
Haradah well of great fear
Haran mountainous country
Harran see Charran
Harbonah his destruction; his sword
Hareph winter; reproach
Harhas anger; heat of confidence
Harhaiah heat, or anger, of the Lord
Harhur made warm
Harim destroyed; dedicated to God
Harnepher the anger of a bull; increasing heat
Harosheth a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; silence
Harsha workmanship; a wood
Harum high; throwing down
Harumaph destruction
Haruz careful
Hasadiah the mercy of the Lord
Hashabiah the estimation of the Lord
Hashabnah the silence of the Lord
Hashem named; a putting to
Hashub esteemed; numbered
Hashubah estimation; thought
Hashum silence; their hasting
Hashupha spent; made base
Hasrah wanting
Hatach he that strikes
Hathath fear