ALL Biblical names that start with the letter P (and their meaning)

Paarai opening
Padan-aram cultivated field or table-land
Padon his redemption; ox-yoke
Pagiel prevention, or prayer, of God
Pahath-Moab ruler of Moab
Pai, Pau howling; sighing
Palal thinking
Palestina which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ruin
Pallu marvelous; hidden
Palti deliverance; flight
Paltiel deliverance; or banishment, of God
Pamphylia a nation made up of every tribe
Paphos which boils, or is very hot
Parah a cow; increasing
Paran beauty; glory; ornament
Parbar a suburb
Parmashta a yearling bull
Parmenas that abides, or is permanent
Parnach a bull striking, or struck
Parosh a flea; the fruit of a moth
Parshandatha given by prayer
Paruah flourishing; that flies away
Pasach thy broken piece
Pasdammin portion or diminishing of blood
Paseah passing over; halting
Pashur that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness
Patara trodden under foot
Pathros Pathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin
Patmos mortal
Patrobas paternal; that pursues the steps of his father
Pau same as Pai
Paul small; little
Paulus same as Paul
Pedahzur strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption
Pedaiah redemption of the Lord
Pekah he that opens; that is at liberty
Pekahiah it is the Lord that opens
Pekod noble; rulers
Pelaiah the Lord’s secret or miracle
Pelaliah entreating the Lord
Pelatiah let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord
Peleg division
Pelethites judges; destroyers
Pelonite falling; secret
Peniel face or vision of God; that sees God
Peninnah pearl; precious stone; the face
Pentapolis five cities
Pentateuch the five books of Moses
Pentecost fiftieth
Penuel same as Penie
Peor hole; opening
Perazim divisions
Peresh horseman
Perez divided
Perez-Uzza division of Uzza, or of strength
Perga very earthy
Pergamos height; elevation
Perida separation; division
Perizzites dwelling in villages
Persia that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horseman
Persis same as Persia
Peruda same as Perida
Peter a rock or stone
Pethahiah the Lord opening; gate of the Lord
Pethuel mouth of God; persuasion of God
Peulthai my works
Phalec same as Peleg
Phallu, Pallu admirable; hidden
Phalti Palti deliverance, flight
Phanuel face or vision of God
Pharaoh that disperses; that spoils
Pharez division; rupture
Pharisees set apart
Pharpar that produces fruit
Phebe shining; pure
Phenice, Phoenicia red; purple
Phichol the mouth of all, or every tongue
Philadelphia love of a brother
Philemon who kisses
Philetus amiable; beloved
Philip warlike; a lover of horses
Philippi same as Philip, in the plural
Philistines those who dwell in villages
Philologus a lover of letters, or of the word
Phinehas bold aspect; face of trust or protection
Phlegon zealous; burning
Phrygia dry; barren
Phurah that bears fruit, or grows
Phygellus fugitive
Phylacteries things to be especially observed
Pi-beseth abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast
Pi-hahiroth the mouth; the pass of Hiroth
Pilate armed with a dart
Pinon pearl; gem; that beholds
Piram a wild ass of them
Pirathon his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture
Pisgah hill; eminence; fortress
Pisidia pitch; pitchy
Pison changing; extension of the mouth
Pithom their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth
Pithon mouthful; persuasion
Pochereth cutting of the mouth of warfare
Pontius marine; belonging to the sea
Pontus the sea
Poratha fruitful
Potiphar bull of Africa; a fat bull
Potipherah that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat
Prisca ancient
Priscilla same as Prisca
Prochorus he that presides over the choirs
Puah mouth; corner; bush of hair
Publius common
Pudens shamefaced
Pul bean; destruction
Punites beholding; my face
Punon precious stone; that beholds
Pur Purim, lot
Putiel God is my fatness
Puteoli sulphureous wells