Names Of Places

  NameMeaning   Specific Place  
Abdon Servant; cloud of judgment, servile Proper name/ city
Abel A city; mourning, Grassy place a city
Abel-beth-maachah Mourning to the house of Maachah, Meadow of the house of Maachah a city
Abelmaim Mourning of waters, Meadow of waters a city
Abelmeholah Mourning of sickness, Meadow of dancing a city
Abelmizraim The mourning of Egyptians, Meadow of Egypt A place
Abelshittim Mourning of thorns, Meadow of the acacias Place in lowlands of moab
Abez  An egg; muddy, I will make white (or miry), gleam A city
Abilene The father of mourning, Grassy meadow A region of Syria
Kabzeel  the congregation of God A city
Kadesh  holiness A city
Kadesh-barnea  holiness of an inconstant son A city
Karkaa  floor; dissolving coldness a landmark
Karkor  they rested a place
Kartah  calling; meeting a town
Kedemoth  antiquity; old age town
Keziz  end; extremity, cut off a town
Kibrothhattaavah  the graves of lust place
Kibzaim  congregation city
Kir  a city; wall; meeting a city
Kirharaseth  city of the sun; wall of burnt brick  a city
Kirioth  same as Kerioth a city
Kirjath  city; vocation; meeting a city
Kirjathaim  the two cities; callings; or meetings a city
Kirjatharba  city of four; fourth city a city
Kirjatharim  city of those who watch a city
Kirjathbaal  city of Baalor of a ruler  a city
Kirjathhuzoth  city of streets; populous city a city
Kirjathjearim  city of woods a city
Kirjathsannah  city of enmity or of a blackberry bush  a city
Kirjathsepher  city of letters or of the book a city
Kishion  hardness; soreness a town
Kithlish  it is a wall; the company of a lioness town
Kitron  making sweet; binding together a town