A Comprehensive Compilation of All the Biblical Names for Boys Starting with ‘J’

Names that start
with the letters: Ja
Name Meaning
Jaakan tribulation; labor
Jaakobah supplanter; deceiver; the heel
Jaala ascending; a little doe or goat
Jaalam hidden; young man; heir
Jaanai answering; afflicting; making poor
Jaasau doing; my doing
Jaasiel God’s work
Jaazaniah whom the Lord will hear
Jaaziel the strength of the Lord
Jabal which glides away
Jabesh dryness; confusion; shame (place and Male)
Jabez sorrow; trouble (place and male)
Jabin he that understands; building
Jachan wearing out; oppressing
Jachin he that strengthens and makes steadfast
Jacob that supplants, undermines; the heel
Jada knowing
Jadau his hand; his confession
Jaddua known
Jahath broken in pieces; descending
Jahaziah the vision of the Lord
Jahaziel seeing God
Jahdiel the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God
Jahdo I alone; his joy; his sharpness of wit; his newness
Jahleel waiting for, or beseeching, or hope in, God
Jahmai warm; making warm
Jahzeel God hasteth, or divideth
Jair, Jairus my light; who diffuses light
Jakan same as Achan
Jakim rising; confirming; establishing
Jalon tarrying; murmuring
Jambres poverty; bitter; a rebel
James same as Jacob
Jamin right hand; south wind
Jamlech reigning; asking counsel
Janna, Jannes who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor
Japheth enlarged; fair; persuading
Japhia enlightening; appearing (place and male)
Japhlet, Japhleti delivered; banished
Japho fairness; comeliness
Jarah a wood; honeycomb; watching closely
Jareb a revenger
Jared a ruling; commanding; coming down
Jaresiah the bed of the Lord; the Lord hath taken away; poverty
Jarib fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging
Jarmuth fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death
Jashen ancient; sleeping
Jashobeam the people sitting; or captivity of the people
Jashub a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place
Jasiel the strength of God
Jason he that cures
Jathniel gift of God
Javan deceiver; one who makes sad (place and male)
Jaziz brightness; departing