The complete list of all the biblical girl names beginning with the letter “B”

Discover the beauty and significance of biblical names with our list of the only seven female names that start with the letter B.  these names carry profound meanings and stories. From the timeless elegance of Bethany to the strength embodied in Deborah, each name holds a unique connection to the scriptures. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for a baby girl’s name or simply intrigued by the cultural and historical depth of biblical names.

Name Meaning
Baara  a flame; purging
Bashemath  perfumed; confusion of death; in desolation
Bathsheba  the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety
Bathsuha  same as Bathsheba
Bernice  one that brings victory
Bilhah  Bilhan who is old or confused
Bithiah  daughter of the Lord